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BEM! Tackle your growing CSS with a Pattern that just works

Alexander Rühle, March 20, 2017 10:40

As i worked on a big project for my job, we came to the conclusion, that just using the Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework with some view specific CSS code is not enough.

This all resulted in some big assets folders with a huge load of files which prevented any kind of good maintainability. BEM, meaning Block, Element, Modifier, is a front-end methodology developed at Yandex.

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Rails 5: Namespace vs. Scope

Alexander Rühle, March 07, 2015 14:54

I've often asked myself what exactly the difference between namespace and scope is.


This is the simple option. It will prefix the generated path and the path name. And it also assumes that the controller is to be found under a module named in the same manner as the namespace itself.

namespace :management do resources :users end 

Generated routes:

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